Friday, November 7, 2014


Color is very personal. I think that is why, even though paint is the easiest thing to change, it is the hardest decision for most people!

Here are a few ideas to keep in mind when choosing paint.

1. Don't worry about brand when picking your color, pretty much any paint store can color match from a different line/brand. Although now, that adds another problem, have you ever noticed how many paint colors there are!!! It can make a person dizzy just thinking about it!
*Keep in mind, most painters have a preferred paint brand, so if you are hiring it out, it is best to ultimately use what they want. They are putting their name behind it and if something goes wrong, the last thing that you will want to hear is, "If you used such and such a brand like I wanted, you wouldn't have this problem".  Because paints are different, a painter will get to know how "his brand" works and how to apply it the best. If you are doing the painting yourself, pick whatever you want, but please don't pick the cheapest! Check for reviews on-line and consumer reports. I've always had good luck with Behr, by Home Depot. In my current house, we have a Sherwin Williams paint and I have not noticed any problems with it. * 

2. Start looking in your closet, it can give you big clues as to what colors you are drawn to. Take a favorite outfit and pull colors from that. I wear a lot of neutral colors (black, white, brown, tan or grays) and add color with accessories. I like BRIGHT pops of color. You will notice in my house, all of my wall colors are very neutral, that way I can throw in my bright pops of color without overwhelming the room. My dining room is Rolling Pebble, a greenish tan and I added a bright rug with large colorful flowers in red, yellow and oranges. I also have orange dining room chairs. Had I painted the walls in an orange (one of my favorite colors at the moment) it would have been way too much orange.

3. It's nice to have a consistent color that can flow from room to room. I'm not saying paint every room in your house one color, what I mean is... re-use your colors. If you go with a burgundy wall color in the kitchen, add some burgundy or red pillows in your living room or art work in a bedroom, bathroom or hallway. Having colors that work together is a great way to make your home feel instantly put together. See how the colors below work well with each other?
^Colors above are: Elephant Skin (PPU18-16, Pale Honey (PPU6-8), Coliseum Marble (PPU8-16) and Stone Walls (PPU8-49). Paint Samples are from Behr.^

4. Because there are a million different paint colors, look at your choices with your flooring, or couch-if that is staying (or staying for a while). The blue that you love might not work great with your carpet, but there are a bunch of other blues that might, and I'm sure you can find another one that you will love just as much or more!

What ways have you found to help you pick your favorite paint colors? 
Hopefully that will help you get started! If you need help selecting paint colors, give me a call! I bet in just a couple short hours, we can have it nailed down!

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