Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Romancing Your Space!

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it got me thinking about the most romantic room in a house... the Owner's Suite!
Shall we dream a bit about some beautifully romantic bedrooms?
It may just get you in the mood to freshen up your room, or at the very least get you in the mood for Valentine's Day! <3
 I love this room! It's so cozy, and the window seat is perfect. I must admit, I would love to have a fireplace like that in my room! 
 This room is very close to my idea of country modern. It's a beautiful space. It's clean but keeping the natural elements in the room, the fireplace, ceiling beams, and "4-post" bed warm it up. I love this take on the 4-post bed.
 What an elegant room. It's so sleek and sexy but very cozy at the same time.
 This room is so clean. I love the bed linens. This is a great example of working with what you have. The window ledge makes a perfect "night stand". There are some things in your home that are just not worth changing, why not figure out how to make it work in your space!
 I love the dark color on these walls. The drapes are the perfect accent and tie in beautifully with the mirror and rug. Keeping the bed white, makes it pop against the dark walls and keeps it very clean.
 This room would be too light and airy without the leather chaise at the end of the bed, the dark head board and lampshades. The wood floors, stool and night stand along with the dark pieces add the perfect masculine touch to this room.
 I do love this room. It is feminine - without being pink, but the "reclaimed" pieces play down the girly a bit more. 
 I love the pops of color in the transitional bedroom. The stepped ceiling is great and the colors used on it make it a stand out feature in this room. Just imagine if it was just painted white, it would just blend together and not make a statement.
 There is just something about a bed surrounded in beautiful curtains that reminds me of a great vacation spot. And nothing gets much more romantic than a vacation alone with your spouse.

Did these pictures (from Pinterest) inspire decorating sparks for you? :) 
I am just a phone call away, if you would like some extra help or personalized ideas for your room.
Happy early Valentine's Day!
Thanks for stopping by!

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