Sunday, January 11, 2015

Time for some freshing up?

 There is something about being inside a whole lot more in the winter makes me look around and wonder, what can I change today? Maybe it is just me, but it might be you too! Obviously remodeling/re-designing rooms can't be a daily thing, but how about little seasonal updates to keep from getting "bored" with your room?

Here's just a few easy updates to help get you thru the rest winter!  

Winter is finally in full swing, a fun way to cozy up your space is to add some new pillows or pillow covers! Pillows might be my favorite thing to sew. Even a beginner sewer can make new pillow covers! The best part of making your own pillow cover - you can use the pillows you already have! My favorite pillow tutorial is from Dana. She has a great video (Click here) showing how to make them! How about head to the fabric store - you can add a little color or pattern to your couch in no time! Sewing not your thing... I don't blame you. :)   At almost any home decor store there are stacks and stacks of pillows to choose from! You can always mix in new pillows with some of your existing pillows.
Speaking of cozy, how about a new blanket? I was just looking at mine the other day and besides the Red Wings blanket (compliments of my hubby) all of ours are old and tan or brown :( My whole living room is brown at the moment! So, while I'm finishing that up, I have added a new living room blanket to my list! :)
Another easy and fairly inexpensive update: a new lamp or lamp shade! There is such a variety out there that you should be able to find one to fit any room! A lamp can be a piece of art in itself, but if you have a simple lamp, a fun new shade can add some new dimension to your space.

Why not change up your wall décor? Maybe update the kids pictures, or switch out a piece of art for something new! Maybe add a new mirror? Mirrors help to lighten a space and bonus, mirrors help make a space feel larger too! 
Need a free option? Switch things around from room to room. Take some accessories from your office and switch them with ones from your living room. Take the art work over your bed and switch it with the mirror in your foyer. Just moving things around helps add a bit of new excitement and can freshen your whole house up for FREE! There's nothing better than shopping from your own stuff!

Have I added anything to your to do list? I would love to see what you've added  to your home to freshen it up! 
Thanks for stopping by!

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