Thursday, April 16, 2015

What I've been up to!

Hi everyone!
It's been a crazy spring already! I am loving it! The few nice days we've had, I have spent as much of it outside as possible - whether checking out current houses that I am working on or playing with the kids!
I thought that I would show you some of the stuff I have going on! Some of the other homes that I am working on are still under construction, but they are either barely dry-walled or a whole lot of studs, those pictures just aren't as fun to look at! ;)

Church Facelift

< Before >

The "new" entrance

This is where the old entrance was (it was moved after an addition a long time ago). They had left the gabled roof and now was the time to remove it and fix up the new entrance.

^ The 3 pictures above are from "The During". They just need to finish the painting, and the fascia and soffit on the rest of the church. ^

< Before >

^ The 3 pictures above are from the other entrance. This entrance just needed a face lift. They still need to finish the fascia and soffit on the rest of the church, but this area is finished.

Custom New Construction

^Garage Entry Boot Bench & Drop Zone^

^Half Bath^

 ^Stairway & Formal Entry^


 ^Master Bath^

Spring Parade House
Done in May 2015

 ^Living Room^

*sorry about the bad pictures of the kitchen.* :(  

^Master Bath^

I'm excited to share more projects with you!
Thanks for stopping by!

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