Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Organize Pretty!

I am by NO means an organized person, at least by most peoples standards. :) I have my piles and know what is in which pile and for the most part that works for me... I do LOVE the look of an organized space. A room looks so much better when you don't have to try to look past the clutter!
Here are a few of my favorite ideas for hiding clutter!
  • A junk drawer! Is it just me, or do you have little stuff that you have no idea what to do with it? I keep a drawer in my kitchen for all of that stuff. I try to clean it out every other month or so, otherwise it gets a bit too full! ;)

  • Hooks! Check out this back entry! How lovely, each child can take care of their own coat and backpacks. Leaving the boot bench open makes it convenient, but doesn't allow for hidden storage. Keep this in mind: keep only the daily needed items on the boot bench. Move everything else into the closet (yes, that means using actual hangers, lol!). Use closed bins - help to hid the mess of shoes under the bench, or hats and mittens on a cubbie above.
  • Don't have a built-in or room for it? I love this idea, instead of hooks on the wall, they added a small shelf and hooks under it, you still get all the extra storage and convenience of a Boot Bench.
  • Bins/baskets/buckets/boxes! I have some sort of bin scattered thru out my house! I use this in my half bath. It keeps the essentials handy, but still hidden.

    I have inexpensive bins for most of the kids toys - it is easy for them to pick things up, on the flip side, it is easy for them to just dump them all out too (my 18 month old's favorite thing to do right now).
  • Cabinet Organizers! You can get different options for your cabinets all over the place. They work great for anything from sliver ware to toothbrushes and combs & hair accessories. They also have specific ones that you can get to for your needs - a stand mixer, can stay right in the cabinet and easily lifts out with this one. I also like the pull shelves.

  • Trays! A pretty tray on a coffee table holding remotes, magazines, books or odds-ends looks much more put together than just leaving the laying on the coffee. 
    Before Tray
    After Tray
    I found this tray at a Pier One Store closing! At the price, I couldn't say no! Isn't it pretty!
    Here are a few of my "go to-s". I hope that they help you to organize pretty!
    Thanks for stopping by!

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