Monday, August 17, 2015

On a bright sunny day...

First I need to apologize... I have been REALLY bad at blogging! But, I have been loving this summer! Have you gotten out and enjoyed some time off? 

 ^Loved seeing these ships!^
 It's a little sad to admit, after living in west Michigan for 27 years, this is the first year that I went to the Coast Guard Festival! My kids and I loved it & will definitely go again next year!

Thankfully, we have had a lot of bright sunny days! I spent one of those afternoons, checking out some of the past houses that I worked on! (To be honest, I was a little slaker-ish, trying out my new camera!) ;)
Here are a few exterior pictures of some homes that I have worked on over that last few years! I hope that you like them!
This was the first parade home that I worked on and I still like it! It is simple and classy!
This is a bi-level - to be honest - I don't love bi-levels; but the darker color vertical siding and a shake make this house stand out it in the neighborhood. The last thing you want is to have your house blend in with every other house on the street!
I love how these colors turned out! Instead of a bright white or off-white trim, we used a lighter gray and I think it looks great!
This was a custom home that I consulted on. The darker colors make it feel more masculine. It is also very dressy. I think that it is the perfect house for this corner lot. 

Thanks for stopping by! Get ready for some organization tips next time... (don't worry it won't take as long as this post!)

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