Thursday, December 18, 2014

A SUPER room! Comic Cork Boards

It seems like pre-schoolers come home with new pictures/projects every day and each one is their favorite! I wanted to add a place for him to hang his new favorites right in his room (the fridge only has so much room, right?). These were very easy to make and the most expensive part of it was the adhesive!
I used 12"x12" cork boards. Sprayed one side with the spray adhesive, covered with my fabric square (I cut my fabric about 14"x14"). Because of the fabric that I choose, it was important to make sure to keep it straight, some fabrics it may not matter - but if it does, try to keep it as straight as possible.
Flip it over and spray the edges with the adhesive (about an inch) and fold the edges of your fabric in, kind of like wrapping a present.
Let it dry and hang it! I used Command Strips to hang it (the less holes the better, when you are decorating a kids room - chances are that it will change again in a few years).
And now the perfect spots to hang the next master piece!

What's your favorite way to display kids' art?

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