Friday, December 26, 2014

a SUPER room! DIY T-Shirt Canvases

I headed to Goodwill and found 4 t-shirts of different super heros! I actually found a couple more, but they ended up being too small so I was left with 4! (I found that a boy's size small was about as small as I would recommended.)
I made 4 simple boxes out of 2x2's cut down to make 12"x12" boxes. I just used a pin nailer to attach them together at the corners. (Because it is going on the wall and is not holding anything, I didn't need to get too crazy with how it was held together.)
I cut the back off of the t-shirt and centered it on my square. I then flipped it over (careful not to let it move on you) and stapled the top middle, then pulled it tight and stapled the bottom middle. I went back and finished the top pulling it tight as I went, then down to the bottom. I did the sides just like the top & bottom. Make sure that you are keeping it tight as you staple.

Because they are so light weight, when I hung them I used 2 nails keeping them about 6" apart to help keep them straight.
It all cost about $12! Not too bad.

What do you think? Do you have some walls that need something? You can do this with ANY fabric! I chose t-shirts because I could get them cheap and I knew that super hero t-shirts would be easier to get a variety of.
Want some help filling your walls with one of a kind, personalized "art"? Give me a call today! I'd love to help!

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