Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Holidays!

While I am finishing up the pictures and post about the "Super Room", I thought I would help myself get in the Holiday spirit, and maybe you too!
It may not look like Christmas yet, but it is December 1st! And I am getting ready to decorate my new house for Christmas! I was looking at the outside of it last night, trying to decide if I really want to attempt exterior lights...we've never done them before, but there is always a first! :) While I debate if I want to tackle that this week, I am definitely planning to start the inside Christmas decorating! Now to decide what to do! How about a little more inspiration, some Holiday inspiration! :)
This is just plain pretty and I love the chalkboard! What a great idea for all year around! 
 I love all of this color! The embroidery hoops are an inexpensive way to add pops of color, and so easy to do! Pick your fabrics and hoops, cut the fabric to fit and hang!
 A cherry Christmas. The couch fits right in!
 Maybe I will do a little exterior decorating! ;) This porch is so welcoming.
 Another pretty one! The tree is not too over done, the sign above the fireplace is great and adds a bit of rustic charm. The lights on the mantel set it all off perfectly!
I love this one. The little trees on the mantel and the vases of ornaments with the candles and sign are very cute. The tree is so classically done. It has just enough country charm for me! Did you notice the bowl of pinecones? (I might need to make my way back to JoAnnes for the cinnamon smelling ones!)
Now to dig out my boxes and get decorating (and resist the urge to start over with all new Christmas stuff)!
Have you decorated for Christmas yet? Or are you like me and have to wait until December is upon us? I couldn't start this weekend - I was still recovering from our Thanksgiving feast! :)
Do you need a fresh take on your Christmas decorating? Give me a call I'd love to help you out!
Thanks for stopping by!

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