Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A SUPER room for a SUPER boy!

 While the "before" isn't horrible it had some problems.
1. The mismatched bed. This bed was his dad's bed when he was growing up! We had painted the upper part only first, the plan was to move him up there and then paint the bottom. But after having the bed set up like this for a few days, we decided that the lower bed wasn't necessary. If he sat up in bed, he hit his head on the upper bed and a parent didn't fit great to say good night.
2. It's a bit boring, there is nothing on the walls and even though there are toys, it just isn't a fun room - a 4 year old should have a fun room!

 It is in a new home so we were able to pick the paint color from the beginning. He requested black, it is his favorite color and he wanted his room like the bat cave. We didn't want his room to be an actual cave, so we talked him into Intellectual by Behr. It is dark enough that he still calls it black, but the dark gray will grow up with him and looks great with the while trim. 
He had requested the ceiling fan during the entire construction of his house. His friend has one like it and it has rocket ships! You can't go wrong with rocket ships! ;)
Other than that we had a "blank" canvas!
I DIY-ed the super hero pictures you see hanging above the bed out of Good Will t-shirts.
I made a "fort" under the bed and added Christmas lights and some paper lanterns.
I made the cityscape shelf & hooks.
I made the outlet switch plate covers as well.
I also covered cork board squares in a fun comic book fabric.

Paint for bed and cityscape shelf:  $15
Fabric for "fort" curtains:  $25 (yay for clearance fabric and coupons!)
Curtain rods:  $8
Lights under bed:  $10 (they had the paper lanterns already)
Cityscape Shelf & Hooks:  $6 and scrap wood
T-shirt Canvases:  $12
Outlet and Switch Covers:  $5
Cork board Comic: $8 for fabric and spray adhesive (they already had the cork board).
Miscellaneous Accessories:  $30
Wall Lamp:  $40
Wall Baskets:  $20
Total: $179
Not too bad!
I will go into more detail on the DIY projects in the posts to come! So make sure to stop by again!
Need help making a room in your house a little more super? Give me a call today! 

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